Long & Seasonal Rental

What is a longterm rental?

minimum 1 year with automatic extension until the 5 th year according to state law. But in some cases can even up to 10 years agreed.


What is a Seasonal rental?

3-11 months without automatic renewal. Unfortunately some properties can only be rented without the July and Agust.
More info on additional costs of an object results from individual object

which can be seen under details of the respective reference numbers on our homepage. Or ask us and we will send you the in-house expose with more information.


What we need:

Identity card / passport or NIE number of client:

Proof of income such as pension notices, the last 3 proofs of income or business registration, employment, address of the company if you are self employed or other evidence.


What is paid at the conclusion of a rent?

Deposit, Comission or other costs  /brokerage fees  / charges and rent and possibly German/English translations of the lease.



Not every Spanish owner want dogs, or livestock in his estate (mostly in apartments/flats). Mostly they have a different attitude to animals and also dont know that the Europeans see the animal as a family member and they live with them together. Mostly is to negotiate with the owner to find a solution with a private security or one month more deposit to be paid.

Therefore when the object requests or browse our offers always make sure whether animal husbandry allowed or not. As a disappointment and time can remain spared all. But here is also always ask because we know our owners all personally and the issue can be settled by arrangement.

For all other questions, see our terms and conditions or ask us directly!

Any more questions?

Don`t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help.