Property Remarks

Below you seen a short explanation of the various types of property, which we offer:

Studios / Flats / Apartments / Penthouses:

A Studio has a small living area ( 30-45 m2 living area ) and a room of kitchenette, living- and bedroom. Separate bathroom. Mostly with balcony.

An apartment is usually with 1 bedroom to the 50 m2 of living space. And an apartment from 75 m2 living area with 2 – 4 bedroom and separate kitchen or kitchenette with terrace and/or communal roof terrace. We gathered all these objects under “apartments”.

These can be in towns, in the countryside or along the coast.

There are also apartments in a big or small urbanicacion with communal pool, and garden / plot. Parking or garage use are usually given.

A penthouse apartment is an apartment ( Ático ), which is located on the top floor of a multi-storey building, and have a large roof terrace.

Houses on the country / Casitas:

The houses / casitas is property / houses on de countryside or villages. Often the access roads are gravelly or hilly.

The living areas of villas varian between 120 sqm – 400 sqm. Casitas are small houses with one bedroom and a bathroom with a maximum of 80 smq.  The incentive of such property is definitely in the privacy and tranquility that bring these natural objects with it. The gardens is usually nice grown in mediterranean style, often separated only by stone walls and / or with fencing of other land.

Ideal for animals. Private renting.

Objects with turisticlicence for holidays / Agrotouristic:

These are houses on the country like in the explanation “finca“ but with permission for holiday rental. Owners usually have or can order the licence de Turismo. We find to here villagehouses and villas wirt licence. These are for 6 – 7 years, or even timeless.

Licenses are not valid for individual accommodation to rent the entire property with a Kitchen.

Often also an outbuilding which is this used for private purposes.

Fincas with Agrotourismo licence are rare since the requirements and costs are much higher and the objects usually do not give with from 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and grounds must be large enough.

Chalets / Rowhouses:

A Chalet is mostly a new building and mostly single storey with a flat roof. Not too lonely and yet private, one lives in the coasts, – tourist resorts.

The living areas ranging from 80 m² – 300 s m² the land is usually between 200 m2 to 600 m² to be. So you have neighborhood close – but for an own private kingdom.

Chalets or linehouses are often in coastal areas or in small plants – side by side – near the city center. Features include residential division over several floors, small garden – or patio share, terraces and garage or parking space. Despite direct neighbors you have more to private usable space than an apartment.

Town,- and villagehouses:

The located in the center or on the outskirts city and village houses differ only in the size of the town or village, which already includes the name.

The houses are mostly 2 floors or on the ground floor with a further upper unit (apartment) and often have a small courtyard (patio) or even a garden with orange and lemon trees. Furthermore, they offer all the comforts in the surrounding zone z. B. shops, restaurants, schools, childareas, doctors, police and pharmacies. Everything often easily reachable on foot and you can feel the mediterranean flair of a village, in the morning when people drink their coffee in the bars or party at night in the streets of the city in summer their festivals.

Commercial / Local / Commercial properties /  Hotels / Restaurants / Discos:

All properties can be found under this “commercial terms”. Mostly a license is available or can be applied for.

Also with assumptions (usually with restaurants – bars) is for the device, utilities etc .. a certain transfer fee deposited. (Traspasso).

Garages and halls can also be converted for commercial use.

Garages and Warehouses:

With us you will find both garages and halls to park a car, to store craft materials or to pursue a commercial activity which can be licensed …..

In some cases, unfortunately, no disturbing activities should be carried out – if they are in a village.

There are also garages and halls outside an urbanization – where handicraft work does not bother.

Ask us !!!

Land for rent:

Such land can be offered on request.
Whether it is for a caravan site, horse keeping, vegetable growing or other ….. serve.
Ask us .. whether in rural area or rather from a village…..

To refurbish items:

For this purpose, often provide old village houses or villas on the land to which require a restructuring – either smaller or larger dimension. Often, the first floor is not expanded, so that here the imagination and purse can come free development. In conversation with the owner everything is discussed, what work needs to be carried out on object that will be a better house and home.

Mostly here a 10 years contract will be concluded with certain conditions of the work to be performed and times in which they should be completed.

Rent is usually low and there are different variants, so that both parts are satisfied for. Also possible is a normal rent and the owner participates in a certain percentage of the costs.

Land (T):

The rural plots ( Terrenos ) are built exclusively with villas. Today you need to apply at least 14.000 square meters around a building license. However, plots with existing old licenses may be built with the old plan also. By the size of the plot gives a large piece of privacy. Stream – and water connections usually a few meters away.

Plot (S):

The urban plots ( Solares ) allow nowadays only the single family houses in coastal towns or in an urbanisation – in the village. Never the less, they are still very popular and offer a lot of alternatives for the realization of a dream home. The plot sizes vary from 200 square meters – 1.500 square meters or more. Electricity, water and drainage are usually already on the road.

Any more questions?

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