General Terms of Business – informacions

1. General
Who we are: we are a pure recruitment agency – specialized in addition to sale on real estate rentals in particular on long term rentals and winteroffers.


Objects: We offer long – and season – as well as listings on Apartments, Flats, Chalets nearby the sea, Village Houses, commercial real estate, Hotels and Hostals, new equipped renovated and still original romantic Villas and Casitas in the countryside, reforming needy objects and typical Village, – and Town Houses, Garages and Sheds.

AREA: The entire South, South East and East of the island from Bahia Grande, Cala Pi, Sa Rapita – along the coast – after Porto Colom, Porto Cristo and in and around the larger cities / villages such as Campos, Santanyí, Ses Salines, Alqueria Blanca, Felantix. Also in the Centre of the island as St. Juan, Lloret and St. Eugenia, we have some objects on offer. The full fillment of customer requirements and appropriate qualitative and realistic price- and performance-related object record is paramount.

Cannot replace a personal be sighting trip the best exposés and the most beautiful photos. That’s why you should reserve already in time to schedule an appointment for your visit through our Office. Locally we are expertly and German / English / Spanish-speaking, to the visits, making advice and possibly rental condicions between the two parts. The period between visit and renting time should be no longer than 3 months.

3. Reservations / Bookings / Payments / Transfers
Long-term, seasonal and winterseasonal rental:
We keep the object 3 days reserved. Without deposit / payment of the first rent – despite signing the contract the object can be passed on again afterwards. With no residence or absence of a part on Majorca, a reservation / rental agreement is implemented, which send the landlord countersigned via E-Mail. From this date, a countersignature and a deposit from the tenant should be made within 5 days (see conditions as for holiday rental). The original – lease signing takes place at the reunite meeting of both parts.

Holiday rentals:
We can keep the object 3 days on oral reservation. Reservation must be in writing to us. After our booking confirmation / invoice sending should be received a down payment 30% in cash or to our bank account within 5 days. Until this time, the reservation is booked. Upon receipt of your deposit, you will receive confirmation immediately. Remaining 70% will be made no later than 2 weeks prior to departure.
Late or non-payment applies as a withdrawal and we are entitled to rent the object otherwise. For last minute bookings (less than 2 weeks – the full price within 5 days is payable).

Bank connection: Banca March – Colonia St Jordi
IBAN ES 15 0061 0137 1801 3112 0112  –   SWIFT Code: BMARES2M

For cross-border transfers to a Spanish account must always the IBAN and SWIFT code to specify number.

Exceeds the number of people specified in the reservation, (overcrowding) or is before made constantly and regularly an other person/s – rather than those listed in the Treaty -, so the mediator as well as the owner has the right to turn away the surplus or unknown persons or require an extra charge.

Refund costs in case of premature cancellation prior to departure / beginning of contract:
The resignation request, in writing, must go with us. The following % – sets the entered payment/total amount will be refunded:

50 % at 12 – 9 Weeks
30 % at 8 – 7 Weeks
20 % at 6 – 5 Weeks
15 % at 4 – 3 Weeks
0 % under 2 Weeks

Costs for the agency will not be returned. (for example not indent, premature pull-out, disease, etc.)

Data and the State of the offered objects conducted visits to suburban self based on statements of the lessor and by us. Thus we can make better these to customers. Any serious shortcomings are immediately within 24 hours from arrival, – move-in date the owner to sign.
As we act only as an intermediary between the two parties and are his tasks in a careful tour, reservation and contract design – the right to travel in any damages this therefore does not apply. These can be claimed directly from the owner. Damage directed also by force majeure will apply only to the maximum fasteners Time fate stuck. Can be remedied on the part of the owner any complaints relating to the object. Other complaints from hotel construction noise, garbage clearance, natural or animal disorders are excluded.

A rental over 3 weeks, animal husbandry or/and a larger number of persons (minimum 7 persons) a disclaimer or 1 month rental may be required on the part of the landlord’s deposit.
In long term,- and season rentals may be required to one to three month deposits the net rents, which is no later than deposited at collection and pick up keys on the part of the lessee.
In both cases, because the tenant should be careful to check the inventory, as well as technical and sanitary facilities with the owner / broker. When leaving the object, the object / inventory is visited, whether caused bigger damage, losses, damage (for example broken glass, fire damage, removal of valuables, etc.). Self induced or resulting damage are the duration of the stay immediately inform the owner / agent. Is everything okay, as at the beginning of the Renting-gets back the tenant his bail.

Listed in the exposés and identified additional costs generally refer to water- and electricity costs.
Any additional costs: urban waste disposal, sewage fees, property tax, municipal community costs (investments), gardener,- and pool work and staircase cleaning. Costs incurred other individual costs such as: heating such as wood, gas Butano and Gasoil, internet and personal on request post discharge (for secluded estates) or object cleaning. Holiday rentals can also end-as well as intermediate cleaning costs.

Because local tenancy has been updated in May 2023 and applies for the long term- and seasonal contracts. The parties are owners and tenants. A German translation of the contract can be, on set on desire, which has this no legal basis.
Long term contracts, apply a contract period from 12 months to 5 years and longer, seasonal contracts are between 8-11 months and winterseasoncontracts between 2 – 7 months. Holiday rentals are time below 2 months.

The prices depend on season, duration of rental, facilities, location, furnished or unfurnished objects and the number of people.

  • I. Long term contracts 12 months: rents generally sustained throughout the year.
  • II. Season leases are valid from 8 months to 11 months and prices can vary depending on the rental period.
  • III. Winterseason: from 2 – 7 months by arrangement – discounts
  • V. Holiday price: Depend also on Summer Season and Winter Season


a ) Following realtor brokerage fees  more tax 21 % for mensual rental calculated, which immediately incurred from both sides signing the contract:

(respective %- percentage of the rent ):

Long-term contracts: 1- 5 years: 150 %

8 – 11 months: 100 %

Short time: Seasonal – or winter contracts:

from 1 – 1.5 months: 20 %

from 2 – 3 months: 40 %

from 4 – 5 months: 60 %

from 6 – 7 months: 70 %

from 8 -9 months: 80 %

from 9- 11 months: 100 %

Comercial, agroturism, with turisticlicence renting or 10 year contracts: 200%
reforming objects 5-10 year contracts: 250%

May reduce for a less rent are not taken into account.

It will be the full specified rent which is – monthly billed as listed on our homepage. Even if other costs in the rent are included or the rent is lower – is this specified price.

12. SERVICES (see also services)

The following service we offer included:

– Change / Registrations for electricity and water service providers
-Separate object application by search broker order (special object requests) – Mediation or degrees of insurance (household items, buildings, health insurance etc.)

– mediation of craftsmen for renovation

– Expansion work on and in the house  or garden ( electrical, sanitary heating, windows, wood-carpenter and wall work etc.) ..

– Mediation of domestic help, gardeners etc. …

13. Other separate services and costs

Depending on the request and effort, a separate fee will be charged for the use of the following services:
– Installations of SAT antena  and internet systems
– English language rental contract translation
If it is Spanish rental contract of landlords, gestors or lawyers – then this contract is translated by a translation office in Palma and an advance payment is expected (against cost advance – which is shared with our agency and landlords up to approx. € 250.00 )
– General translations / contract extensions / problem disposal / arbitration – after conclusion of the contract and / or during the rental contract relationship
– Others around, – and registrations to authorities – prices on request.

May 2023